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In Russian, matryoshka means “Little Matron”.   The Latin root is “Mater”, which means “Mother”. A strong matriarch at the helm, exquisitely leading and creating something that seeds so tiny and is ultimately infinite, limited only by imagination.  The role of the Little Matron is to surprise you, where one big exterior, becomes a whole collection, one inside the other, each layer a new experience, right down to the tiniest detail. 

Since moving to Silicon Valley in 2016 I have established Babushka Inc. as a US based Company. Founder and Executive Producer / Planning Consultant I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the Experiential Event Space & The Silicon Valley Tech Scene.  Hand holding from inception, creative exploration right through to execution and reconciliation, I partner directly with brands as well as working with Agencies.

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Culminating global experience and a creative eye, emphasis on Attendee Journey, incorporation of wellbeing elements and an honest working partnerships are all part of a dynamic and playful attitude to projects, as well as hitting desired KPI's and client goals.  Successful & effective budget management, leadership of teams (agencies, internal brands and freelance) 12 to 450 people, project attendee numbers 20 to 170,000 Services I have both provided and Executively Managed include:

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Clients, Collaborations & Projects include;  Dreamforce, eBay Open, Hack Week, Cliff Bar, Macy's, Accel & Salesforce Ventures, Amazon, Snapchat, Soho House, Burning Man, We Work, Facebook.  

There are 25 monks at Dreamforce

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Dreamforce Mindfulness