The Perfect Review

You know what I love, the internet.  What did we do before google as a mother?!  Well, we lived in small communities and talked to our neighbours.  This part I sometimes wish we did more of, but amidst working full time, juggling kids, car trips, cooking and being a spouse, I gotta hand it to that magical mystical ether for occasionally being my ultimate BFF. 

A site I recently discovered that I really want to share is, it has everything from 'best kitchen knife, yoga mat' all the way through to more important safety features like 'best infant car seat'

It's so hard as a new or busy parent to make choices about purchases for our kids, I found these reviews so super helpful and informative.  It just saves all the hassle of talking to yourself in a store or having to research a million google forums for people's opinions!  

This site is fantastic and an excellent additional asset to making an informed decisions, especially when it comes to car seats and the safety of our kids.  Quick links for these two articles below for your perusal.

infant car seat

convertible car seat