The Magic Green Balm

The Green Balm.  I Absolutely LOVE this stuff.  I can not recommend it more.  Charlie, their Founder and Designer approached me about 3 years ago now when I was doing wellbeing events at festivals, she asked if she could send us some samples to give to people after their massages and yoga classes at our events.  we didn't think twice about it, who doesn't love a free gift.  Well... These things went down like a house on fire, everyone was coming back asking for MORE! Why?  Because you can use this stuff for EVERYTHING and it smells divine.  You can use this stuff for any of the following:

  • Fade pregnancy stretch marks and keep the skin supple
  • Use to soothe minor rashes and nappy rash
  • Gently reduces cradle cap on a babies head
  • Uses on bumps, bruises, grazes and minor burns
  • Helps calm eczema, psoriasis and dry itchy skin
  • Take on holiday for essential family first aid
  • make up remover
  • moisturiser
  • aftershave balm

The Green Balm is a 100% natural multi-purpose healing balm, suitable for the whole family to use, even those with the most sensitive skin.   Its lengthy list of first aid uses and wholesome ingredients makes The Green Balm an ideal product for using on delicate skin, just right for babies and children. It contains  MOA’s hero herb, organic yarrow,  known as Achillea Millefolium, which for centuries has been renowned for its nourishing and healing properties. Combined with tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic, yarrow creates an unrivalled healing synergy with endless therapeutic properties. Yarrow is both antiseptic and anti inflammatory, whilst has the unique ability to both oxygenate and staunch blood flow, promoting a speedy healing process.

This magical balm also contains:

  • Beeswax to protect, helps reduce itching and allergens.
  • Coconut oil with vitamin E to soften the skin.
  • Sweet almond oil with vitamin A, easily absorbed.
  • Soy bean oil high in anti oxidants and moisturising. 

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary, have been presented with a winning SILVER award for BEST FAMILY SKIN CARE PRODUCT at the highly acclaimed Free From Skin Care Awards, held at Love Natural Love Organic  London Olympia and Charlie has recently started a new range of products including the MOA Aphrodite facial oil, it helps to smooth fine lines and ward off premature ageing with it's nourishing rose hip oil base.   

For more information, or if you would like to try a sample of this stuff e mail:  chiara@moa.lodon   Stockists include and Fenwick London