DayOne Baby

A few weeks ago I was looking for a parking spot, downtown Palo Alto. A task, not always so easy, I finally found one.  BIG DEAL, you are thinking...  But what happened next was a game changer...  Eden was 2 weeks old and as I pulled out his stroller from the trunk I saw the shop window directly in front of me and it said 'DayOne Baby'.  

I went inside, bracing myself for the unknown... "Aladdin's cave"  "Heaven for new mothers" "a Godsend"  "Genius" were all phrases I said to myself as I meandered around this beautiful stylish tranquil environment.  I was gracefully asked for help but not bugged, I was offered a place to feed my baby and change him and a glass of water. 

I felt like Barberella with her Duran Duran.   These guys have got it right.

DayOne baby is an innovative idea of a shop, play area, weigh in clinic, as well as being safe place for mum's to nurse with friendly faces around. A real source of oxytocin, which is super important for all mothers, especially those who nurse.   They have private rooms, changing facilities, basically everything you could ever wish for as a new mother coming out of the sunshine on a busy high street.  They have councillors for post natal anxiety and depression on hand to have chats to as well as lactation consultants on hand to support nursing, pumping and all the other joys and struggles of breastfeeding. They host weekly 'Keep Fit Classes' where you put your baby in the sling and jump around with other mums.  There is more, I could go on, but I suggest you just go and check it out for yourselves.

In the UK, where I had my first son, we had a weigh in clinic just 5 minutes walk from my house, it was the image of 'Call the Midwife'  I loved it, everyone knew each other and was in an old Church, so friendly, safe and welcoming.  We don't have that here, we have to book an opt with our paediatrician to our new baby weighed.  This meant I could just go and see how fat he was... he's pretty chubby, I am proud :)

In the UK, there are loads of groups and activities for new mums that are easy to find,  your midwife and health visitor come to your house and give you loads of pamphlets after you have your baby with local resources and make you feel really supported.  Here, there is no midwife or health visitor.  You have your baby and you are sort of left to find things out for yourself.  Now, don't get me wrong, the services are abundant and a lot covered by your health insurance (which is also a weird concept I am still learning about) but unless you know WHERE to look or WHO to ask, they are really hard to find and there is no real epicentre for them all, unless you come to places like this where they have a whole timetable of classes and resources on tap.  Also, best marketing is word of mouth, so, put all the mums together and bravo... 

I never saw myself as one of those mums that would need a support network and outreach, but since moving to the states I have been so grateful for them, to meet new people and just feel more connected.  People drive everywhere here so there is less of the 'high street hello's' and 'mother matrix nods' that I had in Muswell Hill London.

So - If you are a new mum or not, go check this place out, it's really brilliant.  If you have a friend who is having a baby, there are beautiful gifts in here too, all very stylish and carefully picked, there is nothing in this shop that I think is a waste of space or time and shouldn't be there.