Baby G's

A few weeks before I was due to have baby Eden, who I now can't believe is 8 weeks old, I received a surprise package to my door from the Amazon man.  To my absolute delight it was a starter box of gDiapers.  The gift actually bought me to tears, partly due to being a pregnant lump and partly due to the thoughtfulness of my friend Emma, who had taken note of my interest in her use of these reusable nappies and been so kind as to send me the starter box as a new baby gift for Eden.  The 'newborn starter kit' makes for the most delightful gift by the way :)

Emma is a gorgeous friend, who also has a beautiful blog too called mamalina, you should check her out.  We have a lot in common, one of our threads is that we both wanted to continue the exciting and beautiful elements of our lives, even after we had kids and she is one of the few mums I know who takes her kid on wild adventures like we do!  

I have debated the use of disposable vs reusable nappies for so long, it felt like such hard work with Reno (my older son) as I was on the road a lot and didn't always have time for laundry.  We lived in an RV over the whole summer, working across festivals in the UK, so the thought of carrying around poo with me until I hit a laundrette wasn't appealing.  HOWEVER, I get SO SAD when I think of all the hundreds of thousands of nappies that are not compostable or biodegradable just sitting in land-fills in the world.   Then I questioned if it even was any better for the environment as there is still a disposable element to the nappy AND you have to wash the covers, so that's water usage!  I keep thinking about our kids and what the future of the world will look like for them and how can I help in my lifetime, even if it's small  and feels somewhat insignificant.  

All this aside, I have this box and so thought, let give this a whirl.  First of all, they look SUPER cute!  They really make those little baby bots so round and juicy, they come in loads of different colours and there are mountains of cool patterns on Instagram to choose from with awesome designs on them.  The downside is this is a VERY middle class way of collecting poo for your kids and you need a disposable income to have these 'non-disposable' nappies!  It's not cheap at all!!!  I would say I change Eden twice as much as I do with regular pampers as otherwise they leek and then you have to buy new covers as they grow out of them.  The upside is that I can keep the covers for the next kid ;)

Unfortunately, in the apartment complex and neighbourhood where we currently live in California, there is no way to compost anything, which surprises me, being California.  However, solution -  There is an amazing place called Tiny Tots who has a collection service.  They do this amazing diaper service where they collect and clean cloth nappies for you or simply collect your compost inserts from the gDiapers.  Again, this is not cheap, but good for the planet, not your pocket.

In short - If you have time and money these things are the best! They look adorable and there are so may cute designs to choose from (Etsy) you can have someone else do your 'dirty work' for you and take comfort that you are helping the planet.  

However, if you are on a budget, unfortunately saving the planet doesn't come onto the agenda.  When cloth diapering is made affordable for everyone, then I think it will really be 100% cool.  Until then, I have loved trying it out, but am not sure how much I can justify it as the ONLY way to go...