Brilliant Bethany

Living in London, Bethany realises the importance of two incomes and was always going to return to work after her dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled, with her darling children Elspeth (4) and Arthur (2). Hyper efficient and a much sought after Producer, Bethany juggles life as a freelancer whilst raising her kids and believes that mama's are more efficient in the workforce than most due to their time being so limited and stretched and is the alpha-female of 'multitasking'.  This is the woman who answered work emails on honeymoon, travelled to work in early labour and wrote handover notes between contractions, she completed this interview within 20 minutes of sending it to her, whilst bathing her kids and listening in on a conference call! EPIC! 

had you always planned on working after you had your babies? Yes, we have to living in London.  When I was newly pregnant I told HR I'd likely take maybe six weeks off - I always worked so hard, I couldn't imagine being off work for more than a fortnight. 

did your profession change or mould after having kids? Yes. Ad agencies are not at all parenthood-friendly and I find myself now working in online content / direct to brand

how has becoming a mother changed you if at all? I'm more balanced in my approach to life, with a more mature sense of what's really important

what’s the hardest thing about juggling motherhood with work?  The guilt. Guilt everywhere, all the time

what’s the most rewarding? the rare days when I feel like I'm doing it all to a decent level

how do you typically split your time? At the moment, up at 6 to get myself ready. Kids up 6:30. Try to spend some time with them while getting them to nursery which means leaving home 07:55. Currently I get home long after they're asleep, and work until about 11pm. This will change in September when I'll need to leave the house at 07:35 to get one to school breakfast club before dropping the younger at nursery. One place I work at, accepts me heading home in time to see them 6pm to their 7pm bed-time. I like working there. 

how do you feel about messages that are out there to mothers to look good?  Sod trying to look good! I used to plan outfits in advance, to wear something fun and daring. I'm older now and have spent too long dressing according to what shows the vomit least

what’s your wellbeing focused around? There is no wellbeing focus, really. My husband is my best friend and a good week is one when I've had a little time to sit with him and just talk, rather than fire essential housekeeping items at each other while dashing about. It doesn't happen most weeks. I love to cook healthy food for the family though, which is a wellbeing thing for us all.  I used to go to Pilates once a week but I no longer work somewhere which lets me fit that in. Often the best bit isn't even the class, but walking there over the river at fuck o'clock in the morning knowing I'm doing something purely for myself

how do you manage your stress? I've learnt to enjoy it, and I lean on hubster

any pearls of wisdom? Accept that there is guilt and carry on

how do you manage on the days when you are just so tired you can’t even think about getting out of bed? I don't allow these. I actually don't accept them as an option and that makes it easier. The main thing is, I've learnt not to hope; don't hope for a good night's sleep and then there's no disappointment

what are your dreams? Grandkids!

biggest lesson learnt? Beware the second burp. It is not a dry one.