Sling yer...

Age old question... To sling or not to sling and then... which sling?

Do I get the fabric one to be all boho and hippy, or do I get the Bjorn cos it's the most 'well known' so that must surely mean something...  Do I get the 360 / 180 spin it on your head can carry in 20 ways or just a simple side sling and be done with it?  This is an age old debate, to the extent that here in Silicon Valley they have a help group and rental service for slings.

These people help you find the right sling for you and then how to fit it.  AWESOME or what!!

I met a girl today who has 5 slings... I mean - that's serious commitment.  Okay okay, I have 2, one fabric material one which is super comfy but a nightmare to try and put on when you are out the car in a car park and it's traipsing all over the ground and you trip over it.  So I also have a new sling that we got from Lilebaby.  It is robust, durable and any idiot can put it on in a rush, including myself.  it's just not quite as sexy and 'Mother Earth'.  It's really important to me that when my baby is screaming wants to be picked up that I do just that, this is a challenge when i want to cook, do anything else with my hands, so having a fast sling that i can throw on and that really protects his neck and head was a must.  I love love love my fabric sling, but it's a bit like a 'week end' car, the kind you drive around in for fun on a sunny day with the top down.  nuff said.

For some of the HIPPEST slings you will ever wear, check out:  5MR