Mum's the word...

If anything... becoming a Mother, having been a professional career woman has taught me to appreciate many many things, most of all having TIME!... I have founded 2 companies, juggled staff of up to 250 and 10 clients at any one time and yet, somehow these two small beings make time feel impossible!  Where does the day go i ask myself at 4'0clock, when I still have an epic list of a million things I desire to do to be the 'perfect mum'. I wonder what being the perfect mum even means, or is it just another post feminist weight on our shoulders that we are feeling obliged to fulfil... I sometimes simply crave the days that I could just leave the house with just a phone, keys and waller check list.  

On the flip side, becoming a stay at home Mother has empowered me to explore a whole new world of products, activities and attitudes towards myself and my kids.  It has made me get present to what is so, what's going on and that I actually have little control over most things as much as that pains me to write!  

This blog is all of my trade secrets of being a Mother... The ones they don't tell you in the books (mostly, because I don't read the books). It is also about 'getting present' to being a mum, not wishing I was still somewhere else in my life, but being right here and savouring every moment as it won't be long till I am back in the 'rat race', my kids are asking me for my car keys and I will wonder where it all went, whilst searching for my box hair dye to cover more greys.  My greatest desire and intention is to really share, share the truths, loves and legacies as well as a few recipes ;)